One Person company is a company incorporated with only one director. However, the director is not personally liable to the company.

A One Person company was incorporated in order to aid and benefit Sole Proprietorship owners to get a better legal standing and be shielded from the personal liability towards their firms.

Benefits of One Person Company:

  • Director is shielded from Personal liability towards the company.
  • Government can easily regulate the acts of the company.
  • Trust and credibility of company is governed
  • Improved credit rating from financial agencies
  • The company and the director are two separate entities
  • The director’s/ owner’s liability to the company is very limited


  • Applying for Director Identification Number and Digital Signature Certificate
  • Name Availability Search and identification
  • Application for Registration of Name
  • Drafting of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Filing of Forms electronically with Registrar of Companies
  • Payment of Incorporation Fee to Registrar of Companies
  • Verification of Documents by Registrar of Companies
  • Processing and issuing of Incorporation Certificate to Company by Registrar of Companies

Documents required:

  • Scanned Copy of PAN Card
  • Scanned Copy of Voter's ID/ Passport
  • Scanned Copy of the Latest Electricity bill/ Telephone bill/ Bank Statement
  • Scanned passport size photograph
  • Also, we will require hard copy of an ID proof (self attested) along with a passport size photograph of the Director and the nominee.
  • For Registered Office address
  • Scanned Copy of the Telephone bill/ Electricity bill (notarised)
  • Scanned copy of Notarised Rental Agreement in English
  • Scanned copy of No-objection Certificate from property owner
  • Scanned copy of Sale Deed in English (in case of owned property)
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