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Sole Proprietorship


The most ideal form of business organization. In this type of incorporation, there is no difference between individual and the firm. The business assets are to be considered that of the owner. All registrations in relation to business are to be made in the name of the owner.

Income of the proprietor and the firm is to be considered as one for taxation purpose.

Essential registrations:

  1. MSME registration
  2. PAN
  3. GST registration


Udyog Aadhar-MSME Rs 1,500

GST registration Rs 3,000

Basic Standard Premium
MSME registration-Udyog Adhaar MSME registration-Udyog Adhaar MSME registration-Udyog Adhaar
100 Letterheads & Envelopes
Firm seal
 – Startup Logo (Concept oriented)
 – Startup website (5 pages) with 1 year free domain name and web hosting

Rs. 1,500

Within 2-5 working days

Rs. 6,800

Within 7-10 working days

Rs. 21,500

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