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Trademark Registration

A trade mark is the legal appearance of a brand name. In the real sense a trade mark is also associated with a product or with a service to identify the source of origin. A trade mark is not necessarily to be a registered one, but in case of registered trade mark the easy legal proceedings can be initiated in case of any imitation.

Therefore, the registration of a trade mark is not mandatory, but helpful take action against duplication of trade mark.

  • Trademark can help consumers in distinguishing your services and products from those of your rivals.
  • Trademark also serves as an indication of the quality of your services and products.
  • When you establish a brand and earn goodwill, this is supported when you register your trademark.
  • Trademark will also let you use the name Branded Goods that can further add value to your product.
  • Advertising your product will reach more easily when your product comes with an attractive trademark.
  • The trademark can serve as the most effective commercial tool that can establish your product’s identity.
  • Through product registration, you can expect that this will significantly increase your brand’s value to all potential purchasers and thus, any buyer of your business is more likely to pay even more for the goodwill being built.


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